Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Christmas music already?!

Are you kidding me?

Yes, one local station here is actually playing Christmas music already. Seriously, let me get the Halloween decorations down first. So seeing as I now feel really behind in taking down decorations and getting ready for Christmas I guess I should hurry up and share the rest of my Halloween projects with you.

I mentioned my sons mummy costume a few times. Remember the one that I slaved over for days because it didn't really occur to me to hot glue the strips on until after it was done? Actually sewing it was probably alot less dangerous. I am not to be trusted with a hot glue gun. ouch! They're not really allowed to cover their faces at school. It would have looked better with a strip or two over his face. oh well. My youngest has already tried it on hoping to wear it next year. He has a few more years to go before he'll fit in it, but hopefully it will get some use again.

And then there's the youngest. He has been telling me for months that he wanted to be Indiana Jones. I sewed a huge tarantula onto his right shoulder, added a white shirt, hat and whip...its Indie! He even had the theme music recorded on a voice recorder in his messenger bag. Next year he says he's going to be Mutt. I guess I need to see the movie to figure out who Mutt is, LOL!

Have a terrific Tuesday! I'll be back again this week with another (late because we've already moved onto Christmas) Halloween project.


Tammy said...

Cute costumes~ Christmas music??? Already??? Nope - I won't listen to it this early lol

Andrea Amu said...

Yes, I heard Christmas music playing in Michael's already over a week ago... pretty sad! I don't listen til Thanksgiving.

Anthonette said...

These costumes are fantastic! Good job. Very cute little ones.

Sherie said...

I know what you mean about Christmas music. Sam's Club was playing Christmas music Monday night when I went. I heard another couple saying something about it. I LOVE those costumes, so cute...Or should I say so scary about the mummy??? Either way, great job!