Wednesday, July 15, 2009

{NEW} Lizzie Anne Monthly Mix...

Remember when I mentioned that something new was coming to Lizzie Anne Designs? Check it out!!! (info taken from Lizzie Anne Blog)

"The Monthly Mix set is going to be the same high-quality stamps you've come to know and love here at Lizzie Anne...but bundled up for you in a different way. Our Little Bits sets are themed sets that fit inside our storage case. The Monthly Mix set is the equivalent in size of TWO of our Little Bits sets and is a "mix" of different and fun images every month, for the club-member price of only $25.00 (a $40 value!) Each set will be designed by myself (Lizzie), Meridith (Anne), and Design Team rockstar Joslyn who has been designing stamps for us for over a year now...her images ROCK! We make a fabulous trio, the three of us!

Do you want to see our first Monthly Mix set? Introducing Hey Sunshine.....

So here's how it's gonna work. After you register to become a member of the Monthly Mix club, you will receive this fabulous stamp set the first week in August (our first set!) And then a brand new, exclusive Mix set will continue to ship out to you the first week of every month. We have lots of other fun things planned to go along with our Monthly Mix membership:

  • A special Monthly Mix newsletter will be sent out to our members with previews of each of the monthly sets, project samples and ideas, links to download case covers for your sets, and best of all, COUPONS and promotions only available to club members!
  • We will have a special group in Lizzie Anne Land and in our Sketchbook where you can upload samples featuring Mix images and chat with other members
  • You have the option of receiving both of our Singles of the Month for only $5 (two for one.) This is an option when you register. Members also have the option of buying past sets at the club price.
  • You will be able to purchase all the Monthly Mix sets at the club price of only $25. The retail/non-member price will be $40 and will not be available until a month after the club release!

***JULY SPECIAL*** Sign up for the club before August 1st and get FREE SHIPPING on your first (August) mailing in the US and $5 shipping for International members!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Monthly Mix club!"

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