Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Water Marbling on Clear Scrap Acrylic

I have been seeing so many tutorials lately on Pinterest for nails. The only problem is I don't have long nails to play with, so I started thinking why not use Clear Scraps acrylic. Today we're going to play with water marbling. Because the nail polish doesn't mix with water, it will float on the surface of the water. 

You're going to need: a variety of nail polish colors, Clear Scraps acrylic pieces, toothpick or bamboo skewer and a container of water (not pictured).

The first thing you will need to do is fill a container you don't mind throwing away with water. You may have to experiment with water temperature. I used room temperature water. 

Drop your nail polish in the container of water. The nail polish will hit the water and spread out. You can alternate colors, dropping the next drop within the last. I played around with adding drops of color through out the water surface. If you'd like a marble look, take the toothpick and drag it through the polish. Be careful when lifting the toothpick out of the water that you don't remove all the nail polish with it. 

Remove the protective coating off your Clear Scrap acrylic piece. Be sure to leave the coating on the one side to prevent the nail polish from coating both sides. Carefully dip the acrylic into the water, submerging it. The nail polish will cling to the acrylic piece. Before you pull the acrylic piece out of the water, take your bamboo skewer and drag it through the water picking up all the extra nail polish. Now pull your acrylic piece out of the water. Shake off extra water and allow to dry.

I used a bit too much nail polish when doing this tag and you can see how it clumped on the tag. No worries because I will be flipping the tag over to use on a project. The clumps will not be seen. 

Here is another tag I created using just white and red nail polish. It reminds me of candy!

And here is the finished tag! I decorated one of the tags with Stampendous images, bling and tulle. 

Supplies Used:
StazOn Black

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