Wednesday, October 29, 2008

woo hoo witchy woman....

..."see how high she flies

woo hoo witchy woman

she got the moon in her eye"

Anyone else singing that song now too? The birthday party that my DS went to they received Halloween CDs as favors with a compilation of all kinds of cool themed songs. I have been playing it non-stop in my scraproom. LOVE it! Guess it was supposed to be for my son but since I have it cranked at full blast the kids are enjoying it also in any part of the house, lol! This was one of the songs on the CD. It is now stuck in my head and was the first thing that came to mind when I sat down to stamp this witchy woman.

This stamp comes from the Molly Stamps set called Paper Dolls. Fun set. You get all types of heads, and body parts to create your own character. Brings me back to my childhood when I used to love playing with Fashion Plates. (not that I just dated myself or anything with that, lol)

You might be wondering where I got the skirt from? I stamped the pants on post-it paper, cut it out a bit inside the lines, laid that down and stamped over it. The mask will cover the legs for the jeans and then you just swipe your inkpad across the bottom edge...instant skirt. The hat and broom are just rough drawings that I sketched up. I gave her some glittery makeup, a bit of green to her skin and now she's a witchy woman.

supplies used:
other: Cuttlebug Swiss Dots, embroidery floss, glitter pen


Diana Gibbs said...

Love this, and you are so talented, and well this just knocks my socks off....yep there they go....

Andrea Amu said...

Okay, thanks for putting that song in my head now too!

This is really cute, Wendy. And yep, Fashion Plates were cool! One of my most favorite and memorable childhood toys! I dated myself now as well!

Barefootstamper said...

hey -- where are my socks... oh yeah, on the floor next to Di's! Great job with this!

Adela said...

This is GREAT!

Anonymous said...


This is just tooooo much FUN!

Fink said...

Yep singing the song! Love the witch!